Getting things started

Welcome to my NaNoWriMo tumblr. I won’t actually be using this much until November comes, when I’ll begin posting daily, but I wanted to get it set up and have somewhere to put the prompts. If you’re reading this, please, drop me a prompt.

Make it a picture, an ad, a seed sentence, a fully thought out idea that you just don’t feel like turning into an actual story. I am willing to write any pairing on Glee ONCE. I make no promises after that.

Some will probably be super short. Others may become long and continuous. I’ll title and tag things so if you get invested in a specific storyline, you don’t have to read everything I write to get there.

I am a Brittana shipper. It’s my personal OTP. Like I said, I can and will write any pairing. Once. I prefer to write femslash pairings.

Once the month is up, if I think any of what I wrote is any good, I’ll put it on my normal fanfiction listings. For now, I’m going to shed any preconceived notions people may have about me as a writer and just go for it.